Monday, June 9, 2014

The Best Kind of Transfer Call...June 8th

Dear Family,
I just have the absolute best family in the whole world! I'm so happy to hear from all of you, and I know the Lord is blessing you so much:) I'm so grateful:)
This week has been SO good! Particularly because on Saturday night we had transfer calls again, and we found out that not only are Sister Sexton and I staying together for her last transfer of her mission, but the other two sisters in our house (Sister Hales and Sister Lyman) are also staying! So we get 3 transfers together! The four of us were SOOO happy about this! There was much rejoicing in our house on Saturday night. SO FUN:) So yeah. We are pretty excited to have the best 6 weeks ever! Also in this next transfer we have a lot of big days for the four of us. It'll be my birthday and the halfway mark of my mission, Sister Hales year mark, sister Lyman's 6 month mark, and of course Sister Sexton will go home. So we are pretty excited to have a lot of fun together and do some great missionary work. I just really feel like it's such a blessing for us all to be together.
Also this week, I had my first experience being a Senior companion, which was stressful, but really great! I was on exchanges with Sister Lyman, who is still a greeny, and so that was fun. But, I didn't get lost! So it was perfect. However, members kept calling me, which was hard, because I usually only understand about 1/3 of what they say, but the Lord helped me to put the pieces together. That seriously was a huge blessing! One member called and said that because she had a cold, she couldn't speak in church on Sunday and asked if we could speak for her. Of course I said yes, but a 7 minute talk is pretty daunting in english with only a day's notice (especially when that day doesn't include any study time), so I called sister Sexton and we agreed to split the 7 minutes in half and both talk. So that was much better. And then Sunday morning, she called back and said she was actually feeling good enough to speak, so we didn't end up having to give our talks anyway. The the moral of that story is that Heavenly Father is truly helping me progress with Korean and understand people when I need to. So good. And now Sister Sexton has decided to just let me have the phone from now on. haha. So it should be good.
Anyway, back to my exchange with Sister Lyman. So we had planned on going to visit a potential investigator, because we found out her mom died a few weeks ago. Anyway, Sister Lyman and I wandered around and found a house that didn't look like their's, so I called the Elder's and found out we had the wrong address. Anyway, so we finally found the house, and I was trying not to be too nervous about talking to her, because I've never been the senior companion before, so I usually just rely on Sister Sexton to help me know what they are saying. And thinking of what to say in english to someone who's mom has died is really hard anyway, so translating that to Korean seemed impossible. But anyway, we just said a prayer and went in and she seemed like she was having kind of a hard day. But she was SO nice and patient with us in our Korean. But we were able to share with her a scripture about peace and the Lord's peace being different from the world's peace, and that we knew her family could be together forever. It was good and Heavenly Father really helped me to say what I needed to. And then her son came in and we started talking about how him, his mom and I all have the same animal year. I don't remember what that is called in english. Like the chinese year you were born in. We were all born in the year of the Rooster, and that is actually really important in Korea. There is this thing in Korea called jeong, which basically is just like a connection. So if you were born in the same year or have the same animal or something you have instant jeong and are friends. So that was really good. So yeah. It was a good meeting and I felt pretty good about it, and she said she wants to meet with us next Saturday too, which should be good. Anyway, I felt good about it, and I was just glad Heavenly Father helped us even though we aren't very experienced yet.
On Sunday though, her son and daughter in law came to church, and they told the bishop's wife that our visit really helped their mom. They said that she has just felt so much sadness and hurt after her mom died and that it has been making her physically sick, but they said that because of our visit she felt so much healing. The bishop's wife was really nice to tell me that, because those were all things that I didn't know, but I'm just so glad we could help her feel peace eventhough there is a significant language barrier between us. It really just was a testimony to me that this is the Lord's work. He is in charge and he uses us to accomplish His purposes. He knew that this woman was struggling and hurting, and because He loves her, he answered her prayers through us. I think it really is such a blessing to be an instrument in the Lord's hands and to see the miracles He is working each day in all of our lives. What an incredible opportunity that is. I truly have never been so happy in my whole life. It's just the best thing in the whole world! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY:):)
Also, we couldn't meet with Kimgeeay this week, but she came to church with her cute family, and that was so good to see. Also, we will teach her tonight too. Actually now that I think of it, we actually did meet with her last Monday too. ha. It was a great lesson. We just answered some more questions she has about the plan of salvation. And Lee Jongwha is doing well still. She just mostly wants to be our mom, and I think the gospel is just information to her right now, because she's happy with her religion, but hopefully we can help change that with our testimonies! Anyway, I'll let you know how that goes next monday! I love you all though! It's been a great week, and I feel like I never have enough time to tell you all the things on Mondays! There is much more that happened this week, but just know that I see the Lord's blessings every single day! It's incredible! Love you all!:):)
Sister Hunter:):)
PS. Right now, we are heading out to Gangnam, so that should be pretty fun! haha. I'll send pictures next week:)

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