Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in Korea Dec. 29th

Dear Family,
Well, I don't have much time left to write! Only like 10 mins, cuz I had a lot of emails to reply to. But this week has been fun! Christmas was good, but hard to be away from everyone. But I loved talking to everyone! 45 minutes isn't nearly long enough, but oh well! It's been really cold this week, but apparently it's supposed to be above freezing like 3 days this week, so we're pretty excited! I'm getting a little better at talking to people, which is exciting! My first week we only contacted like 40 people, but this week we did 92, which means I"m getting better at it! haha it's not great, but I'm working on it! Our investigators all have some big issue we are trying to work through, but they are progressing and working. Monica is AWESOME! She ALWAYS reads the BOM and like highlights and annotates and asks questions. I love her. She's seriously golden. She has such a testimony of the scriptures!
One cool experience I had this week has to do with buses in Korea. As my companion puts it, after riding Korean buses, thrill rides won't be quite as thrilling. They are so funny. I just laugh every time, because I feel like I'm going to die. But anyway. We got on the bus and this old lady got on after us. Before she could grab on to anything, the bus driver started speedily jerking down the road. She started falling over and desperately looking for something to hold on to. Luckily I was close enough to grab her and I was holding on to something so I was able to keep her from falling over. It just made me think about how that bus is like life, and the handles are like our testimonies of the gospel. Because we know about the gospel, we are able to stand firm through all of life's stops and starts and bumps, but other people just don't have anything to hold on to. We should be anxious to help other and give them something to hold on to. This week, I would encourage everyone to find someone who is struggling to find a hand hold, and share your testimony with them. The savior really is our rock. If we build on Him, we cannot fall. Anyway, that's all I have time for! But I love everyone, I wish you all a wonderful new years!

Sister Hunter
Last pic from the Provo Temple

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


HI Everyone!

OK. SO 2 things.
1. Korean children are adorable.
2. Korean's are brilliant. They heat their houses by having heated floors.... and we sleep on the floors. It's my favorite. 
Anyway, on to the other details of Korea. So, I live in Songpa, which is right by the mission home. That's our church actually. My trainer's name is Sister Knox. She's from Texas. She loves horses and singing. She's really sweet. Songpa  feels like Salt Lake kind of. Where I live at least. But other areas in our area are SOOOOO huge. Like BIG cities. It's crazy. I'll take pics sometime and send them to you. And other places are sooo poor and the houses are so close together you can touch the other house from the window. Literally. It's pretty scary ghetto. But the weird thing is how safe it is here. So don't be worried. Everyone in Korea is super nice! I love the Korean people.
Church yesterday was GREAT! I love our ward. We have 12 missionaries in our ward. That is the weirdest thing ever. It's us and then another pair of normal elders, the office elders, the AP's an elderly couple and then President and Sister Morrise. Idk if the Morrise's really count, but they are in our ward. But yeah. Tons of missionaries. But yesterday I had to introduce myself to the ward and give a little talk in Sacrament meeting and I didn't really prepare anything for that because I didn't know about it really, but I just said a prayer that Heavenly Father would help me, and he did because I talked for a good amount of time, and said things I didn't know I knew how to say. And afterwards the Bishop got up said how good my Korean was and how he couldn't believe I came to Korea 6 days ago, because I must have come already speaking Korean. This is a definite testimony to me of the gift of tongues, because there is literally nothing about my Korean abilities that would indicate the I came speaking Korean. But he was really nice. After the meeting all the members were so nice and they all complimented me on how shocked they were with my abilities, etc. Which is really ironic and funny, because I didn't have any idea what they were saying, and my companion had to tell me everything. So yeah. One old guy said he got an 'electric shock'  when I said I love the Korean people. I really just am so glad because we have 9 investigators and they all really really need member friends, so I think the members all want to help with missionary work more. Apparently that was not the case in the past, so that's good:) A bunch of members asked to have us practice teaching them lessons to help us with Korean, so that's awesome. Also, the ward mission leader is hilarious. He always introduces me and then makes hunting jokes since my name is hunter. He also said my pronunciation is perfect, so he's really nice. The ward is super nice though. The oldest member of the ward is really important to respect and befriend, because of Korean culture, and the oldest man in our ward is so funny. He sat by me all of church instead of his wife and he told me that my smile is gorgeous and that if he was young and single he would "ask for my hand to take me out so he could tell me how much he likes me." hahah I almost died laughing. I'm not sure whether to be creeped out or not. But he's hilarious. And his english is really good, so he translates for me. That's super nice. I literally didn't understand a single word in sunday school though. Nothing. So that was super great. Also, Korean food is awesome! I love it.... as long as it's not spicy. But the ward has fed us twice. So good.  Korea is a lot like America. I love it. I just feel like someone filled an american city with Asian people.
We teach english every single day to, which is weird, but teaching the gospel is great. Most people here really want to learn english so that's how we find investigators. We have 9 investigators, which is a lot I think. 4 of them came to our ward Christmas party, which made me super happy. Monica is on of our investigators and she's awesome. She always gives us referrals, and she brought people with her to the Christmas party. Also. we are teaching this girl named Ester and she's great. Super shy and kind of sad, but teaching her is the best because I know she needs happiness in her life more than most of the other people we are teaching. I hope she will continue to progress, because she's really sweet. She doesn't have a lot of friends I don't think, and it's hard for her to talk to people, so she just sat by me during the party, but she started joking with me. She's so funny. And blunt. She told me I was really skinny, but if I keep eating as much as I do (cuz I eat tons!) I'm going to get fat. She also helped me with my chopsticks, cuz i'm bad at those. They have pizza here, but its weird. They put sweet potatoes on it. It's so weird, but still pretty good. Another kind of pizza I had my first day was so spicy after one bite that it made me tear up pretty bad. I don't know how I'll ever get over the spicy food, but I'm trying.
Anyway, I love you all! You're amazing! Thank all the ward members who sent me letters! It was fun to already have mail when I got here! I hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS! I'm so excited to talk to you on christmas! I love you all!:):):):) Missionary work is absolutely the BEST!
Sister Hunter:)



Korea is coming!!! It's so close! Tonight is my last night sleeping in a bed for 16 months!! (Because they sleep on mats in Korea) Craziness! I'm super excited though. And also super nervous. I feel like I don't know any Korean, but I"m just excited to go learn and do my best. Hopefully no one cares that all I can say is God loves us and the book of Mormon is true and pray. Haha I've got the basics covered. 

Kira Rogers and I have been eating together now that she's at the MTC! I love her so so so much! That's such a great part of my day. We just get to chat about missionary work, and she laughs at how long I've been here. I legitimately feel like I have lived in the MTC my whole life. It's the weirdest thing ever! Anyway, I love her. 

Probably the best part of this week was that Kim Honbeen got baptized!!! We taught him for the last time on Monday night, and as I was bearing my testimony about fasting and tithing, and how they will bless him after baptism, I just started crying because I was so happy for him. It was the weirdest thing in the whole world. I have never cried about tithing before haha. It was seriously beautiful though. He bore his testimony to us, and then prayed with us for the last time, and I just bawled. I'm not really sure what missionary work does to make me this emotional, but everything is soooo beautiful! I've cried nearly every day this week. Like Wednesday morning at breakfast, because I realized how few more times I would be able to sit with my district and hear Elder Gehrig talk about how Germany is the supreme nation, or hear Elder Ellsworth talk about how much he hates donuts, even though he eats one every single day. It was a little ridiculous. I just love everyone at the MTC so much! Its so great. Anyway, on Saturday we're going to have our last lesson with 이 당 선, and I know I'm going to cry. We have a really awesome relationship with him, and he's had to come a lot further, but I know he has a testimony, and that's the coolest thing ever. Also, we are teaching him about the atonement, because he feels really inadequate to get baptized, and I just don't think I could help but cry telling him how much Jesus loves him. Anyway, I'm super excited, and also sad to have to be done teaching him, but I guess the people of Korea are good substitutes. 

The other thing that's awesome is that Sister Pratt and I got to demonstrate teaching a real investigator this week for the new missionaries and it was incredible!!! I love her, and I she seems to be progressing even from last week. It's awesome. Anyway, I"m super excited to call you sometime between 4 and 9 in the morning on Sunday at the airport, and again on Christmas. I love you all! Have a great week!!!

Sister Hunter