Monday, December 9, 2013

Tears of Joy Dec. 6th

Dear Family,

This week has been incredible! Definitely my busiest week at the MTC, but it was amazing. I had all of my normal regular tasks (which if you don't know, they keep us extremely busy here at the MTC) but also, a lot more. I got a new calling as Online Coordinator, which means I spent Sunday in meetings. They were really great, but certainly ate up my time. On Tuesday we had the interview with the NY Times. That was a GREAT experience! Super cool! The working title of the article is: "The role of LDS Women through the eyes of sister missionaries" which sounds pretty feministic, but the reporter was very nice. Her name is Lori Goldstien (spelling??) and she always does religious reporting. She didn't ask any gotcha questions, and was very respectful. She didn't really talk to any of the Elders, so it was just the four sisters and her. We ended up talking to her for almost 3 hours and took her on a tour of everything at the MTC. After a while she just asked, a little shocked, "Wow, are all the missionaries this enthusiastic?" I was just so happy that that is the way she was able to see sister missionaries and members of this church, because I really am this enthusiastic EVERY SINGLE DAY! I love missionary work!  There is also another reporter in Seoul right now interviewing sister missionaries there, so it sounds like they are interviewing a lot of people for it, so hopefully they can truly understand the church and why we go on missions.

Also, on Wednesday, Sister Pratt and I got to do a teaching example for the new missionaries that came in on Wednesday, which was really a fun thing to do. It was also a cool thing, because we had to be recommended for that, and for some reason everyone thinks we are super awesome missionaries. So that's nice of them. But it was a really wonderful experience!

Also, I"m soooooo excited because we hosted the some 700 missionaries that came in to the MTC this week, and KIRA ROGERS was one of them!! I love her sooooo much! And loved getting to see her and talk to her at the MTC!

Tomorrow I get to teach all the new Korean missionaries how to use all of the MTC software and such, and I get to teach the native Koreans in Korean, and that is about the most nerve wracking thing. But hopefully they will understand....

The best thing that happened was last night during class, we taught our teacher in English. I just had so many realization about why I am on a mission, and I literally cried tears of joy for like 10 minutes. I have never felt so blessed before in my whole life. I get to love and serve and help God's children for the next 16 months. That is the most incredible and powerful experience! Words can't express my feelings very well on this experience, but the Spirit just taught me so much. I'm so glad Heavenly Father asked me to go on a mission! I never would have picked this, so I"m grateful he knows and loves me better than I do. That is true for every one of us. If you are experiencing a trial, just know that one day you will thank the Lord for that, because He knew exactly what you needed. He knows us and loves all of his children.

I get my travel plans tonight, so I'll email again when I have those and hopefully send a few pictures! I love you all! Keep being amazing!:):):) 

Sister Hunter

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