Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 8th:) Feb. 3rd

Dear Family,
I am so happy today. It's been a tough week, but also the best week ever!!!! AH. So happy! I'm trying to think where to even begin. I'll just start with the best news. :)
So. On Tuesday, we were going to invite Ho Sonhee to be baptized on a specific date. But I was on an exchange, and then she canceled because she was doing service (who cancels because they are doing service?? People the Lord prepares for the gospel. That's who.) Anyway, I was secretly glad she canceled. But then on Wednesday I was praying about a date to invite her to be baptized on, and I prayed about March 8th, and almost started crying. It was incredible. My companion had a similar experience. So we went with that. On Thursday, we met with her and before we even really started, she started telling us about how she thinks about being baptized a little bit every day. We were super happy about that. And then she said, "I want to be baptized in May I think." We were still happy, but asked her why she wanted to wait until May. She said she didn't really know. But then she shared with us that she prayed about the things we have been teaching her, and she didn't get an answer, but that she felt really happy and she felt the spirit. And she said she has been SO happy since we started meeting. So yeah. She's awesome. She recognizes the spirit, and she's praying about this, and wants to be baptized, and keeps all of her commitments.  Anyway, so we explained to her that we don't always hear an audible answer from God, but that a feeling of happiness and peace is an answer through the spirit (Galatians 5). She understood that. Then we told her that we had prayed about it, and were going to invite her to be baptized on March 8th instead of May. She thought about it for a second and then said, "Ok. That's a good idea! My son will start Kindergarten that week and will become a new man. If I get baptized then I will become a new woman that week too!" It was SO cute. I love her. Anyway, so she accepted that date and said, "We have a lot of work to do. I need to learn a lot." I'm so happy. The Lord has prepared her and her family so much! The spirit was so strong. And then, she asked about the Book of Mormon more, because she wants to know that it's true, so we talked about that. And we went over the family proclamation to the world, which she read. She said her husband and her talked about it and they loved it. She thinks it's perfect. So yeah. I just feel the spirit so strongly every time we meet with her, and she is so open and accepting. I know that the Lord placed her here because He loves her, and wants her to receive His gospel. She has such a strong desire to know for herself, and she really relies on the spirit to teach her. It's incredible.
Last night, I was pondering more on her and what a blessing she has been in my life so far. She teaches me more than I teach her I think. Anyway. I was pondering on it, and I thought about her and her family being sealed in the temple. It was the most beautiful thought. Then it occurred to me that if the rules are still the same, then she could possibly get sealed in 1 year, which I would still barely be here for. That's probably the most exciting thing ever, because that's the ultimate goal. We want people to be happy together in their families forever. I love her so much, and want nothing more for her. I hope and pray that she will have that desire and continue to work towards that goal after she is baptized. But yeah. Just thinking about that I realized how much Heavenly Father truly loves her and all of His children. It's incredible. I just know this gospel is true, and I'm SO grateful for the chance I have to be a missionary.
In other news, miracles just keep happening. Today has been really funny and full of miracles. Yesterday, a lady came to church and asked us for a President's of the Church manual. She wasn't a member, so I thought that was pretty weird.We invited her to sacrament meeting and she came in and sat by me. I tried talk to her, but well.... Korean is still not my forte. But she left after the meeting, without me getting a chance to ask her anything else. But then today, she called us and said, "Hi, When can I get baptized." UHHHHH. What? Where are these people coming from? She doesn't actually live in our area though, so we referred her to another set of Sister Missionaries. But yeah. Miracle! Also today, Sister knox had to renew her papers to be here legally since she's been here a year now. That was super stressful, but while I was sitting there waiting for that mess to be over I talked to this lady about her cute kid, except she didn't speak Korean, so that was embarrassing haha. She's Chinese. We basically communicated in our broken Korean for a few minutes, and then stopped because we exhausted our Korean skills. But then, this 30 year old guy sits next to me and starts talking to me in Chinese. It was hilarious. I have no idea why he thought I knew Chinese, but I don't. haha. He was trying to write some characters out for me, but obviously that didn't help. So then he started speaking to me in Korean, which was only a little more helpful. But he told me he wanted to add me on the Korean equivalent of Facebook. I then told him I was a missionary. He said ok, but later let's be friends. He gave me his number and told me he really wanted to help me with my Korean. I gave him my card and he said he'd call me. And then he declared that we were friends. haha it was so funny. But yeah. Hopefully we can meet with him with the Elders and he'll start the lessons. Also, I was sitting on the Subway this morning and my companion got really nauseous and so I let her sit down. After standing up this guy looked at my name tag and was like, "Are you Mormon? I used to take the lessons 3years ago.' So yeah. That's another miracle! I think he's going to come to our English class and hopefully take the lessons again. I'm not sure why he stopped, but he said he liked meeting with the missionaries. Anyway, lots of miracles every day. I love seeing them. And trying to speak Korean. Haha. It's hard, but always an adventure:)
Anyway, I love you all! I hope this week is wonderful! Thanks for all your love and support:):)
Sister Hunter

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