Sunday, November 17, 2013

Born of Goodly Parents Nov. 15th

Hello Everyone!!

I. LOVE. MISSIONARY WORK. So much! Everyday is so good! It's definitely been a hard week, but so rewarding. 

Our lessons this week were really good. The Lord teaches me every single time something that I can do better, which I love, because the Lord loveth whom he correcteth. But yeah. The spirit is always so strong, and we are making such good progress with our investigators! It's been a humbling experience because nearly everyone with any authority here in the MTC including our District Leader, both of our teachers, and our Branch Presidency have given my companion and I really nice compliments about our lessons and us being some of the best missionaries they have seen. I'm not saying this to brag or something, because I am fully aware that it's not me being a good missionary, it's really the Lord working through me, but so many times I just think about what good parents I have. The way they have raised us is incredible. Every day when I'm tempted to slack off or not work as hard as I know I can, I just think about what I would do if my parents walked in the room. Would I be embarrassed or could I confidently report to them that I was doing my absolute best. Everything I know and do, I have learned from Mom and Dad. I have learned so much about sacrifice for others through them. I have learned about working hard no matter what, because not giving something your best just isn't an option. I have learned that we just get along with people, and to think in terms of the other person. And most of all I have learned so much about the gospel through them. They are so happy living it, and I always knew it was true, because I knew they knew it was true. Anyway, just so everyone knows, my parent's are amazing and I'm sooo grateful for them!

It really is so rewarding to teach the gospel. I love learning how to do it better and the challenges I face each day stretch me so much, but nearly every day I feel excited to take on the next hard thing. Korean is hard. It just is. But I'm learning that it isn't the most important  part of being a missionary. It's having the spirit and teaching through that to fulfill the investigator's needs. That is when people come closer to Christ. 

I have been feeling a little sick the past two days, and my companion made me go to the health center. The doctor gave me some medicine for my nausea, which worked wonders, so now I can eat at least. My stomach still hurts, but he thinks it should feel better in a few days. Anyway, it's been cool because every time I have to teach a lesson I will feel perfectly fine while in the lesson, which is SUCH a blessing because it's hard enough to teach in Korean without thinking about throwing up. But that was such a testimony to me that Heavenly Father is really mindful of us. 

Also, I have heard a lot of weird things about MTC food and how it's makes you gain weight, and I've decided it's all true! haha I officially gained 10 pounds! haha. How exciting. Hopefully I don't gain another 10 in the next 5 weeks. But yeah. Sister Wing and I work out really hard every day, because we are going to arm wrestle at the end of the MTC, and I'm going to win! haha It keeps gym interesting.

Elder Perry came this Tuesday, and his talk was incredible! He promised us that as we listen to the investigators, rather than thinking about what we would say next, that we would understand them (IN KOREAN) and we would know what to say. I have experienced this, and I just loved having the promise of an apostle of the Lord too. He also talked a lot about the typhoon in the Philippines, which is the first I had heard of it, but the Lord truly protects His missionaries, so Mom, you can relax:) 

Thanks to everyone who wrote me this week too! I appreciate letters so much! They always help me when I'm feeling discouraged, so thank you everyone!! I'll try to respond to a bunch today! I love you all!

Sister Hunter
PS. It's so warm here btw. It was like 67 degrees on Wedensday.... I like it! Is there snow anywhere else in Utah??

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