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Hello everyone! Nov. 8th

Hello everyone!
I hope this letter finds everyone well and happy and having a wonderful, fabulous day!

This week has been hard, but so rewarding and wonderful. I have come to the conclusion that if every day on my mission I don't do something extremely hard, then I'm not working hard enough. Trials are such a blessing. One experience I really want to share this week is about last Friday. P-day ends at 6, so after dinner we go to class again. As we came into class, our teacher announced that we would be going to TRC, so we should grab our stuff. The only problem was, no one knew what TRC was, because they didn't tell us. Our teachers have an awesome habit of telling us as few details as possible about our lives here at the MTC, which is stressful, but always a learning experience. Anyway, so TRC is when we teach real Korean people for 20 minutes in Korean. That probably doesn't sound that bad to anyone else, but that seemed (and still seems like) moving a mountain, especially with no real preparation time. Anyway, at this point I was so nervous, but there was really no time to do anything but take our scriptures, and notebooks and go. My companion and I said an incredibly sincere prayer and we both felt like we should talk on the atonement. Going into that lesson was probably the scariest thing ever, but as soon as we knocked on the door I felt all of my stress melt away. As we sat down in the room with this cute girl and taught her about the atonement of Jesus Christ, I felt such a love for her. I wanted her to know everything I know. I wanted to help her and bless her life. As we asked her questions (which is a miracle all on it's own, as I was kind of expecting to sit in silence for 20 minutes, struggling to find ANYTHING to say), and she responded, I didn't understand hardly anything she said, but I could feel her spirit and I just loved her so much. After listening intently to what she said, each time I would have a prompting of what to say in response. As I gave my best effort to communicate the messages from the Spirit in my VERY broken Korean, I was somehow able to say everything I was prompted to. It was crazy. I can't communicate to you how inadequate I was for this task, but how well heavenly father qualified me through the spirit. Seriously it was crazy. I have never felt the spirit so strongly during a lesson. At the end of the lesson I bore my testimony of God's love for us and of the atonement, and I have never had a sweeter experience. I cried bearing my testimony in Korean. That is just insane. But the spirit was so strong, and I KNEW with all of my heart and soul that the things I was saying were true. SO. TRUE. Anyway. It was incredible, and we ended up teaching for like 27 minutes, which is so awesome. 7 extra minutes of lesson may not seem like that big of a deal to you guys, but just think of a language you don't know and then imagine yourself communicating with a fluent speaker of that language with relative ease for 27 minutes. It's CRAZY. The Lord qualifies those He calls, and thank goodness for that! It gave such new meaning to to the whole, "not knowing beforehand what I should say" thing. Heavenly Father truly filled my mouth and heart. I have such a testimony that this truly is His work, or I would not be able to do it. I was just able to realize what my role as a missionary is. It's to be his hands and his mouthpiece and to do and say what He would do and say. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to be a missionary and to be learning in the MTC. It's wonderful. It's hard. It's SO worth it. 

Anyway, I just want you all to know a few things that I know with all of the fervor of my heart.  I know that God loves us. I know it. He has placed us on this earth to learn and grow and serve one another, but most importantly to grow closer to Him. He blesses us with trials. They allow us to learn. He will never let us fail when we do our best. He helps us every step of the way, and is so pleased with our efforts to do what is right. I know He sent His son to suffer for our sins, because He loves us perfectly. I am so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ, and the strength that brings to my life every single day. I'm grateful for the Book of Mormon. If you feel there is something missing in your life, then read the Book of Mormon a little more frequently and with real intent. Apply what you learn from it. Scripture applied is powerful. For Joseph Smith, it resulted in God the Father and Jesus Christ appearing in the sacred grove to personally answer his prayer of faith. Think of the miracles that could occur in your own life if you diligently read and pondered the Book of Mormon and applied the things you felt and read. I promise it will be significant. I know that this church is true and that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to return to live to our Heavenly Father again. I love you all and pray that you will have a wonderful week:) You're the best!!!

All my love,
Sister Hunter

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