Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pictures from the MTC Nov. 1st

 To sum up this week, and my MTC experience thus far I'll just make a list of things I love.

I love the people in the MTC. Everyone is so friendly and happy and you can talk to everyone. We are all here united in the same purpose, and that is a wonderful feeling.

I love my companion. Sister Pratt is such a support to me. We get along so well, and never fight. We are always on the same page on our lessons and what we are doing with our time and that is huge. She is selfless and serves everyone around her. She's also really good at speaking Korean, and is very patient with me. She's also super humble and happy. I love her.

I love getting letters. I am really surprised by how much mail I get. My district leader always gets the mail and makes a big deal out of how much I get. I didn't get any yesterday for the first time though.... that was a little sad. BUT I love hearing from everyone and getting a little taste of home. It makes life here a little easier:)

I love my investigators. We got our second investigator this week, and for everyone who has been in the MTC that knows what that means, I'm a little embarassed about my Korean skills, but it's ok. I seriously love love love teaching the gospel though. It's such a wonderful feeling. Even when I ask a question and they respond with a huge explanation and I can only pick out one word (or none), and I don't know how to respond, it's a great experience. Mostly because the Spirit is there and will sometimes prompt me to say something I didn't know I knew how to say. That's really cool.

I love learning Korean. It's so hard, but it's so fulfilling. I won't lie that often I think to myself, why can't I have an english speaking mission? It'd be so much easier! But I know that it's so worth it. I love having to rely on the Lord for to teach me and I struggle to learn. 

I also love all the funny things I accidentally say in Korean. This week in our lesson, I had to pray, and I was trying to say, "Thank you for Jesus." Which is really simple. But accidentally I said, "Please bless Jesus." Now, I realized that there are much worse things a person could say in a prayer, but after I realized, I started laughing and so did our investigator, so that's a little embarrassing. I also said something else dumb, but it's harder to explain. My roommate, Sister Wing said the best thing though. I was practicing my Korean yesterday and said, "That's a beautiful tree" and pointed to a tree behind her.  She looked so touched and said, "thank you!"  haha Her companion thought it was soooo funny, so she'll probably never live that down. 

I love our teachers Brother Christensen and Brother Decker. They are so great. Brother Christensen especially is awesome. He always brings the spirit with him, and I learn so much from him! I can tell that both of our teachers genuinely care about us and pray for us everyday. Words can't express my gratitude for them. Such wonderful people.

I love Sister Wing. She and Sister Giles are my roommates. Sister Wing is so funny. She doesn't have the same common sense rules as the rest of us. The other day there was a van parked on the sidewalk and she was like, "do you think this is locked?" And she opened the door and then closed it again. She didn't take anything, she was just curious if it was locked. Haha It was just so characteristic of her, so hopefully the people of South Korea won't mind that she does that. She also talks to Sister Giles in her sleep, so that's pretty funny.

I love the older girls in our branch. They come to our room every single night with a huge box of food and candy and make us take a bunch of stuff. It's really nice of them and I love them.

I love gym. It's so great. I get to play soccer and basketball and there are other people who want to play with me! It's like a dream come true. I think they will be closing the soccer field soon though, which is sad, because I like BBall too, but it's harder for me to not be competitive. It's great though. My poor companion is probably sick of me being excited about exercise, but I've been nicknamed 'The fit sister" which is weird, but oh well. 

I love the MTC food. I don't always love what they serve, but I love that there are like 4 options to pick from every day! I have never eaten so much in my whole life and mom will be happy to know that I have gained back all the stress weight I lost before coming into the MTC. Haha. I eat so much. I just really like food. And the ice cream on Wednesdays and Sundays.

I love the devotionals. They are what get me through the week.

I love that there are NO SPIDERS in the MTC. I haven't seen a spider  this whole time. It's incredible. I'm so happy about it.

I love how strong the spirit is at the MTC. What a blessing it is to not have to worry about all the things that distract from the spirit. I love how conducive it is to getting closer to the spirit. That's so wonderful. 

I love being a missionary, and how stress free that is compared to normal life. I know exactly what I'm doing every single day, and I always have someone there to do it with me, and I know what the Lord expects of me and that is soooo nice. It's not easy for sure, but it's so rewarding.

Mostly I just love everything. It's weird, but it makes me so happy to be here and to have the privilege of putting on my name tag each morning to represent the Lord and be His hands the whole day long. That is such a wonderful task.

I love you all and pray for you every day. Hope you have a wonderful wonderful week, and hope to hear from you all soon!
Sister Hunter

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