Friday, May 23, 2014

Two Types of Pepole April 20th

Dear Family,
There are two types of people in this world. The people that run into the road and dodge traffic to avoid talking to you, and the people that meet you and pour half of their (messy) lunch into their coat pocket, so they can share the other half with you (a perfect stranger). haha. We encountered both of these types of people this week. Both are pretty hilarious, and keep missionary work interesting and fun, but seriously the people here are mostly really kind. Sometimes too kind and possibly a little creepy, but honestly I love the Korean people. They are amazing, and have taught me a lot about Christ-like love.
Something kind of crazy here that I guess must be pretty big news is the boat that sunk in Ansan this week. That is really close to were I'm serving and people here are all really sad about it. We've had several members start crying as they told us about the people in the boat and some of them know the effected families. It's so sad to hear about that kind of thing. In young women's yesterday, one of the YM was crying a lot about it, and it helped us have a really good discussion about the plan of salvation with her and the other young women. It's always a sad thing to loose people we love, but they will be reunited with their families. Thankfully no one in Ansan ward was on the boat, but it also makes me wonder how people could ever deal with this kind of tragedy without the knowledge of the gospel and the plan of salvation. I can't even imagine how sad and horrible that would be.
It's also been a wonderful thing to think about that kind of tragedy so close to Easter, and remember that because of the atonement, and Jesus Christ's sacrifice we will all be resurrected and reunited with our loved ones again some day. Jesus Christ truly has covered all of our pains and despair through the atonement so he can know how to help us better. It's a beautiful thought to remember all he did for us, and that He is always with us. He loves us and strengthens us in hard times. That's His mission. I truly know that our Savior lives and loves us!
Something else awesome about this week is that we have a new investigator!! It's so exciting! She's the wife of someone the Elder's are teaching, and she's the sweetest lady in the whole world:) She has a disability which makes talking hard for her, but her mind is perfectly fine, and she is really open with us and taught us the story of Adam and Eve. haha. She's really great, and we are so excited to teach her! Also, this week we will hopefully be meeting with 2 new people, so hopefully by the time I write next week we'll have 4 investigators! So exciting! Her name is Kim Geeay- I think maybe that's how it would be spelled in English. I don't know though. But she has the cutest little baby too! So cute:)
Easter here was not at all like Easter in America. haha. I actually forgot about it until after it started, and so we couldn't buy chocolate or anything. haha. But really it was a MUCH more meaningful Easter than I have ever had before. I loved teaching about the Plan of Salvation in Young Women's and then also with Kim Geeay. It is so wonderful to think of the atonement and Resurrection in that context, with someone who doesn't know about it. I love missionary work SO much!!
Also this week I went on an exchange with a Korean Sister, who doesn't speak English, so that was exciting! I got to speak only Korean for 25 hours! So fun! And by the end I was thinking in Korean and responding to English in Korean, which was so good! It was nice to know that I can kind of communicate when I need too:) haha. I learned a lot from it, and also had a lot of fun. I 'got' to eat Pig Intestine Soup as well, which was... interesting, but I'm grateful I ate that instead of Pig's feet, which is what Sister Sexton ate in Ansan haha. So yeah. I lucked out on that one:)
But I hope everyone has a wonderful week and that finals go well for everyone! I'll be praying for you all! :):) Make it a great week! Love you all!!!
Sister Hunter

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