Friday, May 23, 2014

When It Rains It Pours...Blessings :) May 11th

Dear Family,
It was SO fun to call and talk to everyone on the phone! It was my favorite! 45 minutes definitely isn't enough time for such a big family, but I wouldn't trade my wonderful family for anything!! I love you all!
So last night Sister Sexton and I had a great experience. We had to have a late dinner so we finished up eating at about 8pm and had an hour left to go talk to people. The only thing was that it was raining outside. And when I say it was raining, it was raining REALLY hard. Like. I've actually never experienced rain like that in my whole life. The parking lot outside our apartment was literally a giant pond comparable to the actually river to the west of our apartment. We considered staying in and making calls, but we both felt like we should go out and just do missionary work. Anyway, so we got ready to go and went out in the storm. haha. Our landlord told us we were crazy, but it was great. We had to talk to 5 more people too to reach our goal, which normally wouldn't have been too hard, but in a storm like this it was definitely a challenge. I'm not sure I've ever been so wet, including in a swimming pool, but it was so fun to just go out and try to talk with people in the POURING rain. There wasn't hardly anyone out, but we had some really great experience. We helped a mart owner clean up a bunch of stuff that had fallen over in the storm and then we met this lady without and umbrella and tried to give her one of ours, but she wouldn't take it. haha. So we just held one above her head  while we talked to her and walked a little ways with her. Anyway, we were just wading in water basically, but it was so great. I have never liked rain, but somehow it was just so fun to be out doing missionary work with Sister Sexton!  Anyway, at the end of the hour we had only had 4 conversations and needed one more, but it was 9 and had to go inside. So we dried off a little bit and decided that we needed to call people until we reached our goal. We've been doing this thing lately as a companionship called, "when you set goals, reach them." We can't always, but we've found that when we pray for help and go about doing all we can, the Lord blesses us to accomplish what we've promised to accomplish. Anyway, so we called someone off a potential investigator sheet who ended up being a boy, so we set up an appointment with the Elders for him. But it was just so awesome, because Heavenly Father helped us reach our goal in the midst of this crazy monsoon-like rainstorm. Heavenly Father truly is with us, and I love being about His errand.
Also, another incredible blessing is that this week at English class we had a whole family come and they brought a friend. They said they had a lot of fun and are going to bring another friend next week! I'm just so happy! The Lord is really helping us serve people and putting good people in our path. This week we had two appointments set up with new people, but they both canceled, unfortunately. One high school girl was so nice and wanted to meet, but when she told her parents they got REALLY upset and said no. So that was sad. And then the other lady just stopped answering our calls and texted us to never call her again.... so that was a little sad as well, but I'm just realizing that it's ok. We keep doing our best and things work out and Heavenly Father blesses us. Also, this week I saw the Mormon message about Hugh B Brown and the current bush, which is my favorite thing, but this time when I saw it, it really hit me that Heavenly Father knows what He wants me to do at this time. Apparently it's not teach investigators haha, although of course we keep trying our best to do that, but I felt really impressed that there is a lot a need to do to strengthen the ward here, so we are going to continue doing that, especially with these young women.
I am sure I have told you all before how much I love the young women in our ward, and how I've felt so impressed that I need to help them realize the potential they have. I seriously love them so much. They are so strong and just such amazing examples of living the gospel when it's hard to do. We got to go to mutual for a few minutes and see the girls as well, and that made me incredibly happy! I miss being with the young women. But yeah. I feel like we are really starting to get to know them and their testimonies and I love that!
Also, we met the cutest pair of grandmas yesterday (who took our picture and set it as the background on their phone hahaha) and we're going to try to meet them as well! I think Heavenly Father is just so good. I'll send a picture of them too:) haha.
The Grandmas
And last of all, this week our ward had a ping pong tournament, and man. There's nothing that makes me feel more like I'm in Asia than people playing ping pong haha. Our bishop and stake president are SO good. Also. I'm SOOO bad. But it was really fun... playing with the kids. haha playing with other people was more stressful. But I finally figured out the rules to ping pong after loosing a lot of times! So that's good! haha. Making mistakes really does help us learn.. sometimes we just have to make mistakes a lot, but eventually we improve and get better! How fun. We we also introduced our ward to mint brownies! Some of them had never had brownies before, and I think as a general rule Koreans don't like mint, but most everyone said they were really good. haha It was just a fun time with our ward. I love them so much, and I'm grateful to be here serving with them!
Anyway, happy mother's day and hope everyone has a great week! Love you all!:):)
Sister Hunter:)

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