Friday, May 23, 2014

Who's on the Lords Side? May 4th

Dear Family,
So this week has been really busy, but also not. We couldn't meet with either of our investigators this week, which was really sad. Kim Geeae has a cold, which she may or may not have passed on to me, and E Jongwha didn't have time to meet. But I have also had a very instructive week this week.
One experience we had this week several times (every day), but one time in particular I'd like to share with you. Sister Sexton and I were walking in a part of our area we haven't been very much yet, and it was about time to head back home. We were trying to find people to talk to, but for some reason there wasn't really anyone outside. But then we saw this older couple taking a walk by this park, so we went up to them and started talking to them, and they were super nice. I'm pretty sure they thought we were lost though, so they said they would help us find our way back to our house. Anyway, so as we were walking with them we asked them about their family, and had a great talk about families and how important they are, and then we invited them to hear our message about families and their whole demeanor changed and they just said no and got really awkward and said they had to go a different way. It was really depressing actually, because we are really just trying to find people to teach, and we genuinely want to help them. It's not that we are just trying to talk at them and tell them what they are doing wrong. We just genuinely love them and want them to find happiness. Anyway, I feel like that happens a lot in missionary work, but it happens a lot more frequently in this area.
As I've been pondering on this experience, something President Morrise told me a couple weeks ago has just kept coming back to my mind. He talked about how sometimes in the Book of Mormon, whole cities rejected the prophets and the gospel and weren't ready. He said that sometimes the people just aren't ready, which is also kind of hard, because if no one is ready for the gospel here, then why are missionaries here. But of course the Book of Mormon holds the answer to that as well. The answer is that God loves all of His children. Sometimes we just have to keep working hard so we can find that one- that Alma the Older, or whoever it is. We just have to keep working, and honestly even though I don't have the kind of baptismal and teaching success that I might have hoped in this area right now, but I don't know if I have ever felt so confident before the Lord. I know that He know I"m doing all I can, and that Sister Sexton and I are working hard. This week I was reading at the beginning of 3 Nephi and the people are so hard heated and there are many people preaching the gospel, but the people still aren't listening. And I asked myself, why aren't people listening? Why are the missionaries still there? And then the answer really came. It's because if we aren't fighting against Satan, than he wins. If we don't keep doing good and following the commandments, even when it's hard, and we can't see the results, then Satan wins. Really it's those hard, and stressful and depressing times when it is the MOST important to keep working and doing what's right, because if we don't, Satan is having power over us. The Book of Mormon teaches so many times how foolish it is to let Satan gain ANY advantage over us, even a small one. So, "when life gets dark and dreary, don't forget to pray":) I just always have to remember that however desperate it may look from my perspective, God is in control. These are the days to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Satan will NOT win again, and so we must be sure that we do all we can to be found on the Lord's side. The Lord really can do His own work, but it is by obedience to His commandments that we prove our love for Him, and grow closer to Him. I feel that Heavenly Father is with me, and I know He is with all of us.
This is a pic of me and some of my MTC district that went to the Seoul Mission! So fun to see them!
This email will be a little shorter since I was setting up a time to call you guys this week for mother's day:) But A few funny things about this week too, in case you need a little smile:) First of all, this week I told a lady that her scarf was delicious- haha that was embarrassing! Haha. the whole bus heard it too, and they thought that was pretty funny. Oh well. it's the difference between potato and patato basically. haha. And then last night I asked one of our members if she was a fish, instead of a teacher. Haha. Korean is still hard, but it's ok. Making mistakes help us learn! And I'm learning a lot! Also, soy sauce and testimony sound really similar...... good thing! haha. But yeah! It's been a great week, and we have some meetings with people next week, so we'll just keep pushing along and trying to find those people willing to hear our message! Super excited to talk to all of you this week:):) So happy! Have a great week though and remember how much Heavenly Father and I love you all! It's a LOT:):)
Sister Hunter

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