Friday, April 4, 2014

God Opens Doors Mar. 30th

Dear Amazing Family,
I love you all SO much. This week was great! It was filled with SOOO many blessings! Every night, Sister Sexton and I take some time to write down the blessings we have had, and I'm sure they were always there, but just listing them has made me so so grateful. There are so many I almost don't have enough space in our planners to write them all. But seriously. Miracles happen so frequently.
One of my favorite miracles happened this past Thursday on our way to the Temple. We were on the bus to go to the subway to go to the temple, and we started to talking to this SUPER adorable grandma. She was so sweet! Anyway, so we gave her our card and got off the bus, and realized that it was her stop too! And she was taking the same train as us to the same stop. I don't know how much you guys know about this, but holy cow. That doesn't happen ever. It's seriously not something that just happens. I am certain that God placed us exactly there at that time, and inspired her to go where she was going. Also, she didn't have a set appointment, so she was able to go with us the whole way to the temple, and wanted to walk around the grounds with us. She gave us her number and told us she wanted to meet with us! It was incredible! This just doesn't happen. But she's the sweetest lady, and I can't understand a word she says, but I can feel her love when she talks. It's great. Koreans are really big about holding hands, and so she kept holding our hands and telling us how glad she was to talk with us. Anyway, so she lives near us too, so we are going to meet on Wednesday! I'm so excited! haha our first real lesson here in Geumcheon! haha It'll be great! And then hopefully by next week we'll have 1 investigator:) That will be awesome!
Another miracle happened on Saturday when we were visiting 4 less active sisters in our ward. They live in the nicer apartments in our area, which means we need a code to get in, or they have to let us in from downstairs (haha basically the worst invention ever) but before each of the visits we prayed and asked for the doors to be opened one way or another, and they all were! It was incredible, because they all happened in different ways. We also took the time after to pray and thank Heavenly Father for the miracle that just happened and I just felt how much He loves the people we were visiting. One door especially was cool, because we were standing there and we had tried to ring the people up in the apartment, but nothing happened. But there is this side door thing that all of a sudden just made a noise, and so i went and tried to open it. It totally opened. It was the coolest thing, because that door is NEVER unlocked! It was soooooo cool. I know that this is Heavenly Father's work, and He truly loves each of His children! It;'s wonderful to see and feel that everyday:)
Also, a huge miracle is that I feel like I'm learning way more Korean in this area. I don't know why, but recently memorizing vocab has been almost effortless. I keep expecting to forget what I learned because it was so easy, but it just sticks. I am forced to speak more too, and that is really really wonderful. Sister Sexton makes me make all the calls, which is really hard, but is cool, because every time it works out. Not because I'm good at Korean, but because God is working through me. But yeah. Things are SO good here.
Missionary work really is so much fun. Sister Sexton is so awesome. I seriously feel like I knew her in the Pre-earth life. We are so happy here and we are always laughing and smiling and working hard. It's great. I think that if I had any other companion right now, things would be a lot harder, especially since we don't have any investigators and that's hard, but because we are focused on our purpose as missionaries we are just so happy regardless. She's the sweetest girl, and I"m so grateful for the opportunity I have to learn and grow and serve with here in this area. I am so happy all the time:) haha. I also think our happiness is rubbing off on the people here, because they were really grumpy the first few days, but now they know when they see us they are going to have a nice friendly conversation with some nice, cheerful missionaries, and they are a lot nicer. It's great. We see many of the same people multiple times a week, which never happened in my last area,  but it's pretty nice here.
Also, I feel like I"m learning so much about the gospel and God. Every morning when I study, I just feel like I"m on cloud 9 and I"m so hungry to learn everything, but heavenly Father always gives me exactly what I need. I am so so so so grateful I'm here on a mission! I am glad I never let my fear of going and the unknown stop me from doing what I knew God wanted me to do, because I"m learning and growing so much.
One last thing is that Ho Sunhee (the lady we were teaching back in Songpa that is golden) just emailed me a picture of her boys. She also told me that she doesn't drink coffee anymore because she always thinks about me. It was the cutest thing ever. I love her, and I'm so glad that Heavenly Father let me meet her, and I feel so blessed that my example and teaching is helping her grow closer to God, even when I can't physically be there with her.
Anyway, life is SO incredibly good right now, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks everyone for your love and support and testimonies and good examples:) I have the best family and friends in the whole world! Thanks everyone! Love you all tons!!!
Sister Hunter:):)

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