Friday, April 4, 2014

No Longer a Greeny? Mar. 9th

Dear Family,
I'm super happy right now:) I have the best family and friends! Thanks everyone for all you do for me:)
One thing I've learned this week is that Satan is the worst and I'm super glad I'm not working on his team. That probably sounds really weird to say, but I can just see him working SO hard on some of my investigators and it breaks my heart, but I KNOW that Heavenly Father always wins:):) That's the best news of all! Anyway. I'll explain more of that in a minute.
First of all that NY Times article was.... interesting. I didn't think it was very positive or put the church in very good light, and for that i'm really glad they didn't quote me and twist anything I said. Idk. Maybe for people who aren't on full time missions it wasn't quite as negative, but really i think they made us sound really weird, and like we go on missions as precursors to our careers. Let's be clear. That is NOT why I'm on a mission. That's a dumb reason to come on a mission. I'm here because the Lord told me where He wanted me, and I love Him enough and have enough faith in Him and His plan of salvation to do it. And I think for the most part that's why people come on missions. If it wasn't for that, I know I wouldn't still be here. Being home would be a lot easier, but I'm grateful every single day to be here. :)
Also. This is pretty big, but officially today, I'm no longer a greeny! WEIRD huh?! Yup. I definitely still feel like a new missionary, so it's kind of sad to loose the title haha. But it's good. I'm stressing a little bit about what heavenly father has in store for me this next transfer, because change has been super hard for me so far on the mission, but I guess that's the point of everything here. We do hard things to learn that we can, through the Lord:)
Yesterday, I saw the first baptism on my mission. The office elders baptized a lady who is SO sweet. I love her. But it was incredible to see how much she's been blessed by the gospel already. The whole time all I could think of was how happy Ho Sunhee and her family will be when they can make that step. Speaking of Ho Sunhee though, that's where I'm really seeing Satan attack. She's SO busy all the time. Her kids just started school and they have crazy schedules so she's running around all day with her kids and then moving on top of that. But she still makes sacrifices to meet with us:) I love her. She is so open with us about her schedule and how she is feeling. I really appreciate that, because even when she thinks things are hard or she can't do something, she tells us, and then lets us help her work through those problems. Last week we met with her, and she didn't have a lot of time, but she came and talked about the book of mormon with us and word of wisdom. She says the word of wisdom is easy for her, but not for her husband. Korea has a BIG problem with drinking. It's not a social thing like it is in America (well I'm sure it is also that). Here people drink in their businesses to show that they trust each other. If you won't drink with someone, that means you won't do business with them/ you aren't friends. So nearly everyone I have met hates drinking, but they have to do it because that's office culture, and respecting your superiors is HUGE here. Like. Huge. If your boss tells you to drink, you drink. So that's super frustrating. But Ho Sunhee is willing to try it and really support her husband in finding a way to live the word of wisdom. Also, a few weeks ago their whole family came to church and the ward was SUPER welcoming. Apparently a little too welcoming because he felt really weird about it, and he stopped meeting with the APs apparently for a couple weeks. It's weird because her husband never told the AP's that, but she told us. She's so open! It's seriously a blessing, because without that, we would never know how to help people. I'm so glad she feels comfortable with us, and will voice her questions and concerns. We have ended up dropping her baptismal date, but she says she really really still wants to get baptized. She's going to pray about a date and hopefully when she figures out her schedule a little better and the whole moving thing she'll feel more comfortable about the situation. But yeah. I love her so so so much. Whenever I think about her I get the BEST feeling in the whole world. She's my best friend. Haha. She's an incredible mom, and I have learned more from her the past several weeks than is even reasonable. Ha. Why does Heavenly Father bless me so much? I just don't know. But I'm glad:) I just wish I could bottle this feeling for you all. It's so wonderful!
Also. Miran is doing great! She is really really getting a testimony of the book of mormon in her life. Last week she taught us about 1 Ne 3:7 (I will and go and do) for like 10 minutes. It was incredible, because we could have taught her about that, but instead she told us why she loved that verse and what it means in her life. I was so happy. When investigators teach you why the book of mormon is important, that's when the spirit really starts talking. She also feels like we are the angels in her life, and she doesn't want to reject what we say, like Laman and Lemuel. She wants to be like Nephi! It's so wonderful!
ALSO. WE GET TO MEET WITH MONICA THIS NEXT WEEK:) So happy! She finally has time again now that her kids have gotten back to school. So thursday should be a great day:)
Also, I like kimchee. It's official. So I'm getting closer to being Korean:) haha I almost would say I love it, but if I eat tons of it, then the spiciness gets to me. haha. I'm sure I'll get there soon though. oh yeah. And I forgot to tell you but i had octopus the other week. It wasn't bad, but I like squid much better. haha. I'm getting so weird.
Anyway, i hope you have a wonderful week! I will attatch some pics too. A lady in our ward told us her conversion story this week and it was so awesome. I wrote it in my journal and then took pics so you all could read that:) haha enjoy your peek in my journal! Hopefully it makes sense... my english has gotten weird I think....
Sister Hunter

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