Wednesday, April 2, 2014

4 Months as a Missionary, Feb.16th

Dear Family,
Well. It's official. I've been a missionary for 4 months now. Crazy. Time moves pretty quick, right? I'm having a lot of fun here in Korea. I've eaten some weird things recently, which I think I keep forgetting to tell you about. There is this dish that I've eaten a few times that always brings me back to 9th grade biology and dissecting frogs. Gross. there are these frog leg looking things that taste just like I would expect a frog leg to taste like. My companion says it's not though. But I"m not sure I can trust her when it comes to food... haha. Also. We went out to this restaurant and ordered pork fried rice. When they brought the plate out, the food was moving........ that was pretty weird! They had this squid skin stuff on top that moves. I think that the next time we go there I'm going to be tacky and take a video of it. It was just too weird. But surprisingly delicious! Speaking of squid. They really like the combination of squid and peanut butter here. This last week I had some Peanut Butter Squid Balls. They are kind of like whoppers, but with peanut butter and squid. It was weird. But anyway, on to the spiritual things!
Ok. So, this week we had another really wonderful lesson with Miran! She is doing so well. We were talking a lot about prayer and faith and she said everything we tell her, her mom taught her when she was little, she just forgot it. But she said that when she is really stressed out and lost, she prays and just pours her heart to God, and she tells him that because she doesn't know what He wants her to be she will just give her life to God, and let Him lead her. It was the most humble thing I've heard someone say. She's so teachable and ready for the gospel, she just doesn't know it. When she said that though I almost started crying, it was so beautiful. What if we all had that same attitude? What if we could just let go of all of our desires and selfish wants, and just turn our lives over to the Lord. He truly knows us better and knows what He wants us to be. It reminded me a lot of Hugh B Brown's talk about God being the gardener. I'm SO grateful God loves us enough to cut us down sometimes. I feel like he does that nearly every day here in Korea. Things will never be easy, but as we rely on the Lord, things will work out for the better.

I've been experiencing that a lot this week. I've been pretty down on myself for not being better about talking to everyone I come into contact with. It's difficult, but I also just feel like I'm not good at inviting people to come to Christ when I talk to them on the street, and therefore not really fulfilling my purpose. Yesterday though, after taking the sacrament I just made a commitment with God that I would do my best. Because of that, yesterday was awesome, because I felt a real connection with God as I talked with people on the street and I had much more meaningful conversations with people. I think they could tell that I was truly interested in them and wanted them to be happy (even though I can't understand most of what they say to me). It was an incredible experience. I can't really describe it. But I loved it. It's incredible the people God puts in my path each day, and the experiences God gives us when we trust in Him and promise to do our best. Thinking about how hard things are won't help us. Just learning to have faith is what matters. I think God frequently gives us trials that we know we can't do by ourselves, so we know that with Him we can. That's just such a powerful thought.
The update on Ho Sunhee is that her husband's baptismal date was pushed back to March 8th as well, so that's the same as hers. She is moving to a super busy part of town, because her family is pressuring her to do it. She is VERY stressed about it, and I hope Satan doesn't use that as an excuse to stop meeting with us for a while/postpone her baptism. Satan is the worst. But hopefully she can feel peace when we teach her tomorrow and know that this is the right thing to keep doing.
Sister Hunter
PS. Michelle asked if I live in the city. Yes. Very much so. It's  VERY city like here. Tons of people and cars and taxis and the subway and all the fun things. I"ll send a few pics maybe.
Also, Tell Paul I legitimately ate stinky ginko fruit on Sunday. It was our linger longer meal! haha. pretty tasty:)

More pics. and a cute origami strawberry with chocolate inside

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