Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Investigator :) April 6th

Dear Family,
This week I have some pretty exciting news! haha. Sister Sexton and I have our first investigator! We're so excited! It's that cute little grandma we met on our way to the temple! She's the sweetest lady and I still don't understand most of what she says to me, but she says it all with a warm smile, so hopefully she's as wonderful as I think she is! haha. But yeah. We met her by this store and she was SO excited to see us. And we went to her house and there were a bunch of Jesus pictures and crosses everywhere, so it's good to know she really has a testimony about Jesus already. And then, she sat us down and said, "can we pray?" haha. It was perfect! So we prayed and she got us some strawberries and she prayed over them and then we had a little mini lesson, and told her about JS, and the book of Mormon and showed her our family pictures (my picture book is so great btw! and I love the pictures of the 12 apostles and the prophet, because it always segways nicely into the church. haha) But yeah. There are also tons of pictures in my book with temples in it, and so we talked about temples a lot. I feel like since we met her on the way to the temple and she has been to the grounds and now we are talking so much about them that the temple will be really important to her. We found out that her husband has passed away, so hopefully we can help her with that:) Anyway, so we talked for a little bit and she was so cute, and then we heard some babies in another room, and she goes and pulls out the two most adorable little Korean boys I have ever seen! Both almost 2 years old. Oh my goodness. It was so fun to play with them for a few minutes. I forgot how much I love kids. It made me so happy! haha. But yeah. Apparently she does this thing kind of like foster care, and those two boys are being adopted by families in America. So cute. Also, they know four English words- hi, mom, dad and doctor. haha. Random. But super cute! Anyway, it was a great meeting and she wants to meet again this Wednesday, so we'll see how that goes! She told us she thinks God has brought us together, so that's always a good sign. She's really great though. Cutest lady.
Also this week, we visited this man in the hospital from our ward. he's having a surgery next week I guess. Hospitals here are really weird though. I'm not sure exactly how they work, but people can just walk around and leave (in their hospital clothes) whenever they want. It's really weird to be walking down the street and see people in hospital clothes wandering around. But yeah. Not at all like they are in America. And people go the the hospital for EVERYTHING. There isn't a doctor's office I don't think. They just go to the hospital. So yeah. really weird, but it was nice to visit with him and his wife for a little bit there.
This week I've been really studying about the restoration and the priesthood. I realized that I know almost nothing about the restoration of the priesthood, which is bad, because that's like one of 3 things in our church that is different from other religions. So I've been trying to find out a lot about that. It's also made me realize how little I know about the priesthood itself besides the basic. But I also am learning how grateful I am to have the priesthood, and all of the many wonderful blessings we have because of it. We couldn't have this church without it. It's crucial! We wouldn't have callings or prophets or modern day revelation or anything. We couldn't have temples or baptisms or the gift of the holy ghost.  Everything depends upon the priesthood. It's really incredible, and the more I learn, the more I'm shocked at how I've never learned these things before. So I would encourage everyone to learn more about the restoration of the priesthood, and build your testimonies of it. It's been a wonderful experience:)  I truly know that this church is true and that the Lord has blessed us with so much. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and he truly saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. I know that they responded to his humble prayer, and it was because of his faith and God's love for us that this church was restored. It's also interesting to note that the Priesthood was restored only after Joseph Smith followed this same pattern, and read and pondered on scripture, acted in faith, went to a secluded place and prayed to God. Sounds like a pretty powerful and effective pattern to me. I've been trying to be better about applying that in my own life, and I'm learning so much because of it!
The trees are blooming here, and everything is beautiful! I love spring here! There are cherry blossoms literally everywhere! It's so beautiful! We went to visit a less active this week, and she has the most amazing view! The mountain outside her window is simply covered with cherry blossom trees, so rather than being a green mountain, it's mostly white! SO PRETTY! I took a bunch of pictures, but this computer isn't really working for attaching pics. I'll try, but I might just send pics next week!
I'm super excited to watch conference next week too. We watch it a week late here, but hearing from you all how wonderful it is makes me happy! I love conference and it's crazy to think I'm almost a third of the way through my mission! So weird! But life here is SO good, and I'm really happy every single day. I tell everyone how much I love the Book of Mormon, and even though my Korean is still not good, I think the power of my testimony of the book of Mormon still comes across. We had dinner with the bishop's family and I was able to bear testimony of the Book of Mormon, and it was just a really really good experience. His wife thanked us a lot later and said it's what she and her boys needed to hear. She's such a cute mom, and really wants her sons to gain a strong conversion. But yeah. My testimony of the Book of Mormon has really been the thing to grow the most the last 6 months. I know it's true with all my heart, and it makes me so so so very happy!
I love you all! Send me your favorite conference quotes too! That'd be my favorite! Have a great week:)
Sister Hunter

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