Friday, April 4, 2014

So many baby eels...Mar. 24th

Dear Wonderful Amazing Family:)
This week I ate SO MANY BABY EELS. hahahaha. It was quite the adventure. Last Monday, after P-day, the Bishop took us out to eat. He was SO nice and took us to eat some food that would ensure my good health in my new area. haha. So, he took us to eat baby eels. We all sit down on the floor of this really nice restaurant, and then they brought out these huge plates of deep fried baby eels about three inches long. And of course you can't debone a baby eel, so you just eat them whole bones and all. Which was really disturbing. But you do it anyway, with a smile on your face. haha. So after we had eaten enough of those to be dinner, they brought out the real dinner. Which was a huge bowl of soup with kimchee in it. The bishop told us how they made it, and you guessed it- the soup was ground up baby eels. My favorite. haha. I about died. It was so spicy and just really really hard to eat, especially after I was already so full. So we kept eating. and the bishop kept telling us to eat slowly, which I was super grateful for, because I was really focusing on not throwing up. haha. But yeah. All kinds of fun. I finished by some miracle, and then the bishop gave me this little charm thing that means good luck. He's so nice. Holy cow. I love him. And Kristine was there too, and we took some pictures at the church after and she was so sad. Anyway, I feel pretty accomplished for eating so many baby eels, after my first experience with that little fish in my soup.
Tuesday, was probably the saddest day ever, so I won't go into too much detail, but we met with Ho Sunhee and I cried a lot, especially when she gave me this super cute card and picture of her two boys. I will treasure that for eternity. Definitely the most precious thing I've ever been gifted. And then we went to lunch with Miran and had chavu chavu (a Japanese thing i may be spelling wrong) and it was delicious. Miran is the happiest person I think I have ever met, so she brightened up that day a lot. And after she surprised us by taking us to meet her parents at their bakery and they told us we could eat whatever we wanted..... hahaha. I don't know if I've ever had such a wonderful opportunity! haha. Free reign of a bakery. I think yes:) haha but it was a good thing for them we had just eaten a really big lunch. haha. And then after that, we had dinner with the relief society president and Sue (the incredible ward missionary) and that was sad, but fun. And afterwards we walked to the bus stop with sue, and I told her how much I love her, and then the bus came and so I had to get on, and it was like a movie. haha. a little dramatic. She shouted to me that she would miss me a lot and we both were crying as the bus drove away. Haha. I wish I would have cried less, but I sincerely love her sooo much. Goodbyes are the worst, but I learned so much from her, and I'll never forget her.  Anyway, so yeah. That was a hard day. But then, I came to my new area:):) And things are so good here!
My companion is incredible! She's the cutest thing! We mostly laugh all day long because we get lost a lot, and we don't know anything since we are opening the area. She legitimately has a goal to make me laugh as much as possible, because she loves it so much. I'm super grateful to be serving with her. I think she really needed a happy companion, so I'm glad I try to be happy so much. We've had a lot of fun, and we were more comfortable with each other the first day than Sister Knox and I were in the first transfer, so it's been awesome. Also, it was her birthday 2 days ago, so I made her a cute birthday banner, and we got cake and ice cream and I made her pancakes for breakfast that looked like a 2 and a 1 cuz she's 21 now:) It was a fun day. Also, we live in the smallest apartment ever with 2 other sisters. haha it's so crowded, but so so fun. And I sleep in the Kitchen haha. But it's all good. This area is very different from Songpa, but it's been fun to go out and get adjusted and talk to people. Mostly people here are a little grumpy when we talk to them, but we're working on being friendly with them. Also, the stake president is in our ward, and he's awesome. He took the day off of work to go to lunch with us and him and his wife are so awesome. His wife is sister's with the relief society president and we went to lunch with them today. haha. They really like to feed us in this ward, which is nice, but...I hope I don't eat more baby eels. haha. The ward mission leader is awesome and so funny. He has lots of good suggestions and he basically has assigned his daughter to be our third companion, since she has a lot of time on her hands and he wants her to be productive and not watch so much TV. So that's great. Also, we have 1 ward missionary. haha. She's incredible. She has 3 callings in our ward and a stake calling. And she is helping us tons with our Korean and she is really self motivated to help us. It's awesome. Haha. All we need now is an investigator..... Which we are working really hard to get. Hopefully we can get some. We have some potential investigators and we are going to call everyone in the area book this next week haha. That will be fun Korean practice. But seriously, it's hard work, but I am just so glad I"m doing it with Sister Sexton. She is so cute. Also. She has a twin and she's maybe the only person I've met who is skinnier than me haha. Before her mission she weighed 97 pounds, and we don't have a scale, but I doubt she's more than that now. She's my same height too, so yeah. But she's so sweet.  Also, the Relief Society is so awesome and she is already working with us to identify less actives and how we can best help each of them. She's incredible.
Sister Sexton
Lately, I've just been realizing more and more how much the Book of Mormon can help in missionary work, and I love LOVE reading it every morning. It's so true. I can't express how much my testimony of it has grown the past 5 months, but I never want to stop reading it. It's incredible and I learn so much from it every day. I see miracles as I study and then see similar things in my missionary work each day. They are all such small miracles, but they mean so much when you are working hard to do your best. The Lord is with us, and that's incredible to know and see.
Anyway, I hope this week goes well! I'll attach some pics of everything. Glad to hear about everyone's fun accomplishments this week! Keep us the good work everyone and hope Allan has fun on his free Yellowstone trip:) Love you all! Thanks for everything!!:)
Sister Hunter

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