Friday, April 4, 2014

Transfers-Live to Love Mar. 16th

Dear Family,
This week was kind of the worst. haha. Actually mostly just since Saturday night when we got transfer calls. I'm leaving my area. I'll be opening 금천(guhmcheon) with Sister Sexton (who is the sweetest girl ever), starting on Wednesday. I know that it'll be good, but I just have to say how sad I am too leave. SOOOOOOOO SAADDDDD!  I cried so much. haha. I really tried not to, but I just couldn't help it. I have worked so hard in Songpa. So hard to do my best. And especially when things were hard with my companion, my ward really really helped me SO much. They are my Korean family. It's crazy, because I still can't speak Korean well, but we are so close! Language barriers don't stop us from loving people. So yeah. On Saturday night we got the call, and I cried for like two hours straight. haha. And then when I woke up the next morning my eyes were all swollen. haha. And I was pretty sure I was done crying, but then in the Missionary meeting with the bishopric before church I started again. The other Elders told the Bishop that I was leaving, and his face was so sad. And so I started crying. Haha. So embarrassing. But then I tried really hard not to cry the first two hours of church, but then the last hour was sacrament meeting, and they always have you speak when you leave. So I was sitting on the stand. Just looking at all of these people I love SO MUCH, and I just cried a lot. And then I was ok for the first part of my talk, but then I looked over and the Relief Society President was bawling, and I just lost it. Haha. I have never cried so much in public ever. So embarrassing. I really cannot describe my feelings for these people. In many ways leaving them is worse than leaving home, because I know I'll see everyone at home again. But these people. Who knows when or if I'll get to see them again. I was just so so so sad. And I really shouldn't have been, but it's just really hard not to be. They have taught me so much by their examples.
Actions speak SO much louder than words when you can't speak their language. It's incredible who these people are and what the do every day. I love them. Anyway, so yeah. I just cried a lot. Which now I feel bad for doing, but I just couldn't help it. After church I was a lot better. One of the Elder's investigators who is so so awesome was telling me, "I am so sad you are leaving, but you shouldn't be sad. This is part of God's plan for you." He is incredible. He's my favorite. haha. He always shows me magic tricks and I pretend not to know how they work and he loves it. And he's getting baptized next week! He is SO solid. But yeah. I'm super sad to not see him get baptized. (Also, he's like 50) But yeah. So many people were just so nice and kept telling me THE nicest things. I just couldn't believe it. My companion keeps telling me how much I have blessed this ward and how much they love me, but mostly I think they have blessed me more than anything I ever could have done. And oh man. The ward mission leader and the ward missionaries. Ah. I'm really going to miss them. I just don't know what I'll do without them, but oh well. I know that is God's plan for me and so he'll help me be happy again and stop missing them so much. I'm just nervous for the rest of my mission because I feel like it's going to be a continual heartbreak. And I haven't even said goodbye to my investigators yet! Ah. haha. But I really am doing a lot better than I was yesterday. I'm coming to terms with everything and reading the Book of Mormon always helps me feel better.
I really hope that whole paragraph didn't sound depressing or whiny. Mostly what I want to communicate is how grateful I am to be on a mission. I never knew I could love people so fully so quickly, and I never would have met them and been blessed by their examples if I hadn't of come on a mission. I really just have to marvel sometimes at the wisdom and grace of God. I don't know why He lets me participate in this work, but He does, and I'm just in constant awe of His hand and the miracles here. The people of this ward have changed my life SO much. Our Relief society president was the first sister missionary from Korea. She's so incredible, and she is sooo patient with me in speaking Korean. She always helps us, and practices what she teaches. I'm so impressed. And our ward missionaries. Wow. There is a woman here- Sue- I hope I've talked about her before, but she spends like 10 hours a week with the missionaries. I have never seen someone so dedicated. And her husband is not a member and her son is less active, and she comes to church alone. I can see how painful that is for her, but she never stops serving. Its incredible. Anyway. I just want everyone to know that I"m SO grateful to be here in Korea. It's definitely changed my life for the better. And I know that my new area will be good too:) I don't want to love the people any less in my new area. I really want to give that my whole heart too. My companion said something the other day randomly that really hit me- we ought to live to love. I love that, and hope I can be better at that with my new ward and investigators and everyone I meet in Guhmcheon!! So excited:)
Also, this week, Sister Morrise came with us for the day. It was so fun to do missionary work with her! All 3 of our appointments canceled so mostly we walked around to visit some less actives all day and talk to people (haha she thinks we walked a marathon.... I'm pretty sure she's right.)  We got dinner at this cute restaurant, and then.... there were octopus tentacles in it. Sister Morrise ate her's like a champ- suction cups and all. I ate one piece and called that good. haha. But yeah. She's awesome, and that was one of the happiest days here. We got to talk to SO many amazing people, and I got to walk around my entire area and see things I haven't seen before. It was great.
I have a lot more things to tell you, but I'm out of time. Just know I'm happy now and will try not to cry too much when I say goodbye to Kristine and Miran and Ho Sunhee tomorrow. haha. And I'll send you pictures:) Missionary work is the best! I'm so grateful for it, and hope you are doing well! Thanks everyone! I love you all!
Sister Hunter

Pics of the Songpa ward members:)

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